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Mum and Me

Mini session

Last year was pretty tough, no doubt about it, and with all the craziness of lockdowns last year, I’m so grateful that this year we are able to do the mum and me mini session again!!

Sometimes as mums we don't take much importance if we are in the photo, but when your kids look back on photos of their childhood - will they see you in it?

That’s the core of why I run these sessions every year - because you need to be in the photos with your kids.

It’s not only important from a documentary perspective, but it also helps build kids self-esteem. They are little sponges and they learn from watching you. And watching you be yourself and having fun and not seeming to worry about your appearance (at least to them) can do more for building their self-esteem than a hundred pep talks ever could.

So if you’ve been thinking about coming along, I would love to celebrate you and your motherhood journey with you!

Indoor April-May Morning:

  • All the unedited pictures

  • 3 edited of your choice

Location: Kogarah


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