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Maia Photography

If you're looking for a professional newborn and maternity photographer in Sydney, you've come to the right place. As a photographer who specializes in capturing these precious moments, I understand the importance of creating timeless and beautiful images that will be treasured for years to come.

Welcome to our maternity photographer website! We are so excited to share our passion for capturing the beauty of pregnancy and newborns with you.

On our website, you will find a variety of services to help you capture the special moments of your pregnancy and the arrival of your new baby. We offer maternity photography sessions to document your pregnancy journey, newborn photography sessions to capture the beauty of your newborn, and family photography sessions to capture the joy of your growing family.

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is a special way to capture the beauty and innocence of a newborn baby. As your newborn photographer in Sydney, I understand the importance of safety and comfort when working with newborns, and I will ensure that your baby is kept warm, comfortable, and safe throughout the session. I use natural light and a soft, warm atmosphere to create images that showcase the delicate beauty of your baby. I also provide a range of props and outfits to customize the session, and I work with you to create a unique and personalized experience that reflects your style and preferences.

Maternity Photography

Maternity photography is a beautiful way to capture the glowing beauty of a mother-to-be, and the love and excitement that surrounds the arrival of a new baby. As your maternity photographer in Sydney, I will work with you to create a customized session that reflects your personality and style. Whether you prefer a natural outdoor setting, or a studio shoot with a neutral backdrop, I will guide you through the process to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident during the session. I also provide a complementary wardrobe for the mum to ensure that she feels confident and beautiful during the session.

Smash Cake

If you're looking for a fun and memorable way to celebrate your child's first birthday, consider booking a smash cake photoshoot! Our smash cake photography services in Sydney are designed to capture the joy and excitement of your little one as they dig into their very own cake. With a white background and an elegant garland, we'll create a beautiful and professional-looking image that you'll treasure for years to come. As an experienced photographer, I have a knack for capturing the perfect moment and creating stunning images that truly capture the essence of your child's personality. Contact us today to book your smash cake photoshoot and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Milestones Photography

In addition to maternity and newborn photography, I also offer milestones photography packages that include 4 sessions during the first year of your baby's life. These sessions capture all the special moments and milestones of your baby's development, from their first smile to their first steps. I work with you to plan out each session, and I use a variety of props, outfits, and settings to create images that showcase your baby's growth and development.

Hi and Welcome!

Hi, I am Maia, the owner and photographer here at Maia Photography. As a photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing some of life's most precious moments. And there is nothing quite as special as capturing the beauty and wonder of a new life entering the world. That is why I am particularly drawn to taking photos of newborns and expectant mothers.

There is a certain magic in the way a newborn enters the world. The innocence and vulnerability of a new life are truly captivating, and I love nothing more than being able to freeze these precious moments in time for families to cherish forever. Every newborn is unique, and capturing their tiny features, expressions, and movements is a joy that never gets old.

Similarly, there is a certain glow and radiance that surrounds expectant mothers. The anticipation and excitement that come with bringing new life into the world are palpable, and I love being able to capture the beauty and strength of these women during such a transformative time in their lives. It is an honor to be able to document the journey of pregnancy and to help these mothers feel confident, beautiful, and empowered.

Overall, I am drawn to newborn and maternity photography because it allows me to celebrate the beauty and wonder of new life. These are moments that are fleeting and precious, and being able to capture them through photography is a true privilege. It is my hope that the photos I take will serve as treasured memories for families for years to come

If you still have some questions, don't hesitate to ask me. I am here to help you and make your next session as much enjoyable as possible!



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