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How to photograph your newborn baby when you cannot have a professional newborn baby photoshoot

I’ve been absolutely gutted to have to delay my newborn sessions. There is nothing I love more than helping new parents document this very special time. I’ll be seeing all my newborns as older babies in the coming months. But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you some images that can be replicated - in a safe way - at home, with just your baby, yourself and your partner and siblings ❤️

My advice, make sure your baby is content and well-fed, burped and asleep. Best time for the first images is when baby is 7-12 days old.

Find a lovely big window, nice and early in the morning - around 9.30 before the sun is too strong or maybe a little later in the day as it’s going down, don't let the sunlight fall directly in the photo (on baby) we just want as much light in the room as possible and as close as possible to the window as it all about the light. So again avoid harsh sunlight. Shadows should be soft.

You can do this on a couch, a bed, babies room or even do a set up in a basket or on the floor next to a big window

For your parent shots stand next to window, remember sunlight not to fall on you or baby directly...

De-clutter around you. If there could be a blank wall behind you perfect! just remove the pictures on the wall or furniture from the background, less is more as you would want to focus on only you and the baby...Wear neutral unpatterned clothing as well as patterns is distracting.

For babies photos, you can use a bed or thick blankets on the floor... for the top blanket use something that is plain or a soft simple texture not bright colours of big patterns. ( a plain white or light-coloured sheet will work) You can dress baby in a nice outfit or use a nice scarf or a muslin blanket will also be perfect to cover baby.

I have added some images from Pinterest to get some inspiration.

If you have a DSLR camera shoot in RAW, then I could even edit the images for you! Take out blemishes etc.

If using a smartphone and you can shoot with the pro settings, put your ISO on 100 and make sure your focus on babies eyes when taking the photo or if the feet are the subject is the feet and not in front or behind it.

Always try to have the camera/phone parallel to the baby nose, so you don't shoot up the nose...

Remember they don't have to be perfect, enjoy it! It just about capturing the details

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