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#PORCHraits 2020

Free family portraits by Maia Photography

Free family photos at your home during the COVID19 self-quarantine period.  

Photo sessions are FREE.  Each family gets one free download and the option to purchase extras. 

Prices for additional photos are $15 each.  

Starting Saturday, 11th March, Maia photography will be starting an unprecedented campaign to capture a portrait of every family in Sydney.  There has been no time in recent history where we have been together as a family as much as we have been in the past weeks. And if the trend holds, we will continue to be together, whether we like it or not. With that said, here’s how you can participate.

The project is called Porchraits #PORCHraits.  The idea is that we will choose a street and when we come by, if you wish to participate, you simply come out on the front porch. We’ll be taking a few quick images of your family. Dress up if you want. Or Come As You Are. We’ll spend 1-2 minutes creating a portrait and we’ll move on to your neighbour. We’ll keep our distance, and you keep yours. Smile, laugh, cry, whatever it is, we’ll make the best of it and tell your story during this crazy time.

In a couple of days after your session, we’ll create a link you can access to download your portraits for free. Each family gets one for free. The rest, you can purchase at discounted prices in digital format.

As a Professional Photographer, I feel it is my duty to capture images. I generally do it in our studio. Obviously, this will not exist for a while. So, we are coming to you.

I’ll be posting the neighbourhood routes here soon. Please share this and let’s make this about our community. Let’s show that we are a proud, family-based community that sticks together, works together, and adapts together.


Sign up here!

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